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About Daniel Alfon

► Marketers and companies hire me because I help them generate leads through a hands-on systematic advanced use of Rich media and LinkedIn profiles,Company pages,Groups, saved searches, extensions and add-ons plus other tools you probably haven’t heard of.


I signed up to LinkedIn in early 2004.


Even if you’re a slow learner, you learn a thing or two in 11 years.

I help companies use LinkedIn strategically to support their sales cycle and avoid mistakes like these http://www.slideshare.net/danielalfon/18-common-linkedinmistakesdanielalfon

With 347 million users, sophisticated executives sense there must be more to LinkedIn than accepting random invitations. When they realize their clients (and competitors) are leveraging LinkedIn to reach decision makers, they ask around or search LinkedIn for experts.Some of this profile’s readers email ✉ danielalfon (at) gmail.com

Trilingual (English/French/Hebrew) relationship builder,I am a freak of people and technology (in that order) and bridging gaps between them. My previous LI profile headline was ‘Building Killer LinkedIn profiles worldwide’. I was often called to help companies bringing closer disruptive technologies and people and revamping LinkedIn groups.

As a social media marketing and LinkedIn expert, I worked on fairly long projects (LinkedIn,content,global marketing,Twitter) with Sapiens, Amdocs and Idit Technologies.I created advanced LinkedIn hands-on training helping entrepreneurs and executives leverage LinkedIn (clients include DBM,startups, TheHive startup accelerator…). I created or revamped compelling LinkedIn profiles and groups by providing Ghost LinkedIn help to busy executives.

My specialties:

❶ Increase visibility: Making your ideal prospects realize your solution exists (e.g. content marketing).

❷ Convert: Educating your audience (e.g. Enterprise CIOs) about your unique SaaS startup/Android App benefits.

❸ Boost: Accelerating sales by identifying prospecting opportunities, using a number of sophisticated methodologies

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