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Praise About ‘How to Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success’


“Daniel Alfon is not a frivolous writer churning out self-help books. He has been involved in LinkedIn since 2004 and has watched it grow. He gives seminars to all types of businesses, enabling them to take advantage of LinkedIn. Daniel helped me create a LinkedIn profile that has brought new customers and tangible revenues to my freelance business. It helped expand my network. It has turned

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contacts into cash. After 30 years of working in advertising, including being the VP of a major high tech company’s global marcoms department, he taught this old dog a bunch of new tricks. If you own a small or medium size business and you want to grow buy the book. If you want to understand LinkedIn, buy the book. If you want to create a profile that will help you succeed as a freelancer, buy the book. Daniel’s a straight shooter, honest guy and he knows his stuff. He can make LinkedIn sing and dance” (Gerry)


Incredible. Just incredible. I cannot believe the way I treated Linkedin prior reading this SUPER important book. “Your Linkedin profile is your website. It’s the first thing coming up searching your name on Google” – Do you get it? The FIRST thing on Google. This book helped me improve my profile far behind my expectations! It’s a masterpiece. I just got 100 profile views in weeks after doing that. It maybe a bit long, but you can skip parts and the experience is the same. It is a MUST for everyone who is serious about his career!!! (Ziv)


At last, a LinkedIn book for us – independents, entrepreneurs, marketers and freelancers! Daniel is clearly an expert, each word based on rich experience with this customers and tangible measures for success – making it easy to trust this guide and enjoy the journey! (Clara)


Most people don’t understand Linkedin and treat is like a nuisance. Daniel Alfon unleashes the full potential of a good Linkedin profile and shows clearly and simply how to use it to your full advantage. His 12-step method is sure to change the way you treat Linkedin, and to turn the ubiquitous social network for professionals to your best ally in business. A must-have guide! (Patrick)


TL;DR: Everyone who sells on LinkedIn NEEDS to buy Daniel’s book and set up an appointment with him. His strategies helped me cement my reputation, overcome marketing obstacles, and expand my client base. Day 1: I read through JUST the preview of his book on Amazon and my mind was already buzzing with ideas. I grabbed a notebook and began jotting down notes. I immediately bought the book; I needed to know what other crucial information Daniel had uncovered through his hard work. Day 2: I thought I knew LinkedIn, but Daniel’s ten years of experience clearly shows. The step-by-step structure, the detailed insight, and slap-my-forehead-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that suggestions clearly demonstrate his mastery. Hats off to Daniel. Day 3: Done reading an amazing book; I simply could not put it down. I took an entire day off to re-evaluate my LinkedIn profile and to come up with a new marketing strategy. I scheduled a free consultation with Daniel in which we came up with a targetted marketing scheme for my company. Day 11: Profile views skyrocket from 60/week to 260/week, and projected to continue rising. I haven’t even finished implementing all the strategies Daniel suggested yet! (Fatemah)


If you’re interested in LinkedIn Daniel Alfon is one of the best people I know to talk to. He’s really knowledgeable, genuine and worth reaching out to. I swap ideas and discuss LinkedIn strategies with him whenever we both have time, I value his opinion and highly recommend seeking his advice (Ben)


Daniel Alfon, Unlimited! And from my personal experience – International! His expertise in social media and creativity in communication are applicable Everywhere! (well…almost) Despite the time difference (I am living in Toronto) Daniel was always available and willing to chat and answer my messages. From all his benefits I would emphasize the fact that Daniel’s methods always leads to desired results. I would recommend him to every company that want to make things right and from the first try. (Eugene)


I received training from Daniel on the subject of Linkedin and social media. During the few sessions, I’ve learned very much in a short time. There’s no doubt whatsoever, that the knowledge and tools I’ve acquired will be useful throughout my career. I’ve already gained benefits thanks to Daniel’s training. I highly recommend Daniel. I believe that whatever he’ll do, his guidelines would be providing a great and measurable value.


Daniel is a highly accomplished LinkedIn guru. Introducing me to practical networking, his mentoring has helped me expand my vision and open up new and endless possibilities. Months later, despite his overloaded schedule, Daniel repeatedly proves the long-term value of networking, generously giving of his time and kind attention, and equally important, his tips, support and encouragement (Haggai)

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