Hacks – Websites leveraging LinkedIn’s API

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Hacks – Websites leveraging LinkedIn’s API

I started compiling names and logos of companies who built interesting websites based on LinkedIn’s API.

Dozens of external ways to leverage LinkedIn for specific purposes (CRM,search,notifications,social sales,productivity and more).

Yes, it did take me time to add all those companies…

Rapportive,Quora,SlideShare,RecruitIn,WhoWorksAt,Greplin,Bullhorn, ifttt,newsle,Connected,and many more are represented inside.

I also compiled a list of android/iOs apps – most people only know about the official LinkedIn apps.

To see the chart, please head here:  http://www.slideshare.net/danielalfon/latest-113-new-ways-of-exploring-linked-in

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