New Business Owners Presentation- Tel Aviv Talks

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New Business Owners Presentation- Tel Aviv Talks



It was great to talk to a crowd of Tel Aviv business owners who made Aliyah to Tel Aviv ! The venue was superb, too.

I basically asked 4 questions:



3 Examples we used:

(a) Your company offers CEOs ways to better understand complex financial data – your ideal reader is the CEO.

(b) You’re building a marketplace matching people who plan a long vacation  based on what’s important to them and resorts – your ideal readers may therefore be people planning a long family vacation ahead, corporate event planners, and/or or resort marketers who’d would like to get more tourists.

(c) You’re building a community of psychotherapists – they are your ideal readers



In the above examples:

  1. You want them to go read your blog post
  2. You want them to go to your website or app
  3. You want them to call or get in touch

Both Questions led to the following:



The room became totally silent as attendees started looking intensely at their shoes.

The following was the slide the audience enjoyed most:



We then naturally moved to asking…


This is where we started talking business by introducing my LinkedIn funnel:


At this stage we unveiled the last, 4th question:



I shared my recommendations with those present.

Now go and start supporting your sales funnel with LinkedIn !

The presentation can be accessed here. If you’d like my next LinkedIn tip (every other month), be sure to leave your email on 

Good luck ! Thanks Jill for the invitation and Ilana for troubleshooting and  the great venue !



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